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About Us


Luminous Mind offers practical teachings for everyday life, and is open to everyone of any religious orientation or lack thereof. We are a resource for those who would like to learn about Buddhist thought and ancient wisdom in a way that transcends religious and cultural barriers. We offer weekly study, special events and guest teachers.

The principles of awakened living are not inherently religious and need not compete with anyone's faith. We do not offer things to believe so much as practices to try in order to live life as wakefully as possible. Even the Buddha said not to believe anything simply because he said it (See The Buddha's Charter of Free Inquiry in Favorite Quotes). We hope your participation will empower you in your practice and in your life, as well as your participation in any other spiritual communities to which you may belong.


We warmly welcome individuals from a broad range of backgrounds:

We are pleased to be members of the Nashville Buddhist Association.

To learn about the founder and the inspiration behind Luminous Mind, click here: The Founder.

On the meaning of Luminous Mind:

The ‘intrinsically luminous mind’ or ‘brightly shining mind’ (Sanskrit, prakṛti-prabhāsvara-citta) is a concept first noted in certain early discourses and later adopted by the Mahāyāna. It refers to the underlying radiant or luminous intrinsic nature of the mind (citta), especially when freed from the enveloping overlay of defilements (kleśa). Identified in Theravādin Abhidharma teachings with the bhavaṇga, the concept was later understood in Mahāyāna as an alternative designation for the inherent Buddha-nature or tathāgata-garbha.

All beings have this basic radiant nature, which extends beyond all boundaries – religious or otherwise. Perhaps this is the same thing Jesus was referring to when he said, "The kingdom of heaven is within."

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